Review and transition

A young man smiling in a red kitchen making coffee
A young person making a cup coffee for his friends in a shared kitchen

We make the transition to adult status a smooth and positive experience

The primary goal of WESC Foundation is to support a young person into adulthood, maximising their independence and autonomy so that they can achieve their goals and aspirations. We hold annual reviews to ensure that the package of education and support for each of our young people is able to adapt to meet any changing needs.

We pride ourselves on supporting young people to their chosen destination through a comprehensive transition programme. This could be an internal move from School to College at 16, a move from College into a supported environment such as residential care or supported living, or into an independent life in the community. In order to make this process a smooth and positive experience we create a destination profile which
guides the progress of the young person through their time with WESC Foundation. A transition plan is devised involving them, their family, external
supporting agencies and where appropriate any new provider of support services.

A programme of visits and exchanges into any new environment ensures the young person is fully prepared for the next stage of their journey. The
process facilitates sharing of all information including the care plan, mobility programmes, health issues, and therapy needs.

Exterior view of modern house with white walls and wooden cladding
One of WESC Foundation’s transition houses