Physiotherapists at WESC Foundation focus on:

  • promoting physical well-being
  • encouraging as much independence as possible through a variety of activities.

We aim to identify the physical barriers that our young people face. These may be due to physical and/or learning difficulties as well as their visual impairment. We promote and develop physical skills to enable our students to take part in daily tasks as independently as possible. We also assist them to access the curriculum and promote functional independence.  These interventions are designed to maintain, develop and/or restore motor function, improve functional movement and optimize health. We also assist with delaying deterioration in student’s physical function due to progressive conditions for as long as possible.

For students with a visual impairment, physiotherapy aims to support and develop their:

  • 3D spatial awareness
  • balance
  • stability
  • proprioception
  • muscle strengthening
  • postural correction

Physiotherapy also helps students by reducing pain, developing their motor skills and improving their quality of life.

The Physiotherapy team work closely with the students, their families and/or carers and other relevant health care professionals and the wider community. We also work closely with our Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy colleagues, in a multi-professional way, in order to ensure consistency in our approaches to achieve the planned outcomes for each student.

We aim to give our students and their carers the knowledge and skills to maximise and manage their physical abilities for life.

Physiotherapy has an input into:

  • exercise programmes
  • PT programmes
  • orthotic devices
  • standing frames
  • Rebound therapy plans
  • Hydrotherapy plans
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • trike advice
  • gym advice
  • sleep systems
  • mechanical horse
  • supportive seating
  • stand aids

Physiotherapy resources and facilities

WESC Foundation’s campus has a wide range of equipment and facilities including:

Hydrotherapy pool

The pool is for therapeutic use such as Physiotherapy. It is heated to 34 degrees and has a hoist chair for wheelchair users to easily enter the water. The changing rooms are also accessible for wheelchairs.

Swimming pool

The 25 metre swimming pool is accessible for wheelchair users (via a hoist system). It has a tactile wall mural and is heated to 32 degrees. There are high-quality accessible changing facilities and inflatables.


We have two trampolines which are used regularly for Rebound therapy. One has the benefit of a hoist system to allow more young people to access the trampoline.

Mechanical horse