Mobility and orientation

We want all our young people and adults to access their environment as independently as possible.

Mobility and habilitation training is essential in the development of independence and personal autonomy. Mobility training is tailored to the individual and is based on a comprehensive initial assessment of skills and needs. Training programmes range from developing the skills required to gain an understanding of the immediate environment, to supporting individuals to become efficient independent travellers. Training is delivered on a one-to-one basis by qualified Rehabilitation (ROVI) and Habilitation specialists.

We offer:

  • assessment of individual needs and skills
  • individual mobility and independence training for young people throughout the school and college
  • experience of busy environments both in the local and wider community
  • experience of travel by public transport
  • systematic route tuition according to individual need
  • development of low vision strategies and skills
  • liaising with a range of local agencies
  • environmental audits

Young man with a white can walking through trees