Braille and Access Technology

Reading Braille dots on a sheet of paper

Producing learning materials in Braille, Moon or large print

WESC Foundation adapts materials for School and College students according to their individual needs. Many of our young people are totally blind and might require books, texts or images to be produced into Braille or Moon (another tactile communication aid).

Students with some sight may require varying degrees of large print and for the text or paper to be a certain colour. Each young person’s preferred choice is known and catered for, along with any grading that the ophthalmologist may request.

Our Braille service also produces material for blind or partially sighted young people in other schools as part of our Outreach Services.

Supporting students who are learning Braille or Moon

Individual lessons are available for students who wish to develop their Braille or Moon skills. These are sometimes delivered as part of a learning activity (where a tutor will support the young person in the classroom) or as a stand-alone session.

Access Technology

In order for our students to be working at their best possible levels, we utilise many forms of accessible technology to assist their day-to-day lives and learning. This may be in the form of screen reader software on a PC or laptop; or accessibility functions on iPads and Android tablets and smart phones.

Dedicated Braille hardware and software is also available on site with professional end users teaching this subject area to a high level. We work with many well known suppliers of accessible technology (inc. Humanware & Dolphin) to ensure that our students are able to access the very latest technology available.