Sharing our expertise with others

We believe in the value of sharing our expertise with others, in areas that include:

  • Visual impairment awareness training for businesses
  • Functional vision and CVI assessments
  • Providing a Local Authority Advisory Service
  • Offering training and CPD

WESC Foundation’s outreach services support visual impairment in mainstream and special schools, colleges and universities.We provide specialist support to schools, colleges and universities, this can include: practical classroom advice for staff and learners, mobility and orientation training, independence skills, Braille, ICT, access technology, specialist VI Occupational Therapy input and CVI assessments.

We work in partnership with other organisations to improve the quality of support to young people and adults with visual impairment within the community and across the South West region.Our network of partnerships includes a range of Further and Higher Education (FE/HE) providers to support young people and adults in the wider community.

We currently provide the Visual Impairment Advisory Service and Access Technology Advisory Service to Torbay schools and have partnership agreements with a variety of education providers and other organisations that support young people.

The visual awareness training for staff gives an insight into the challenges faced by a learner with visual impairment. It also includes information on how to support a learner to access the curriculum in order to fulfil their potential.

As part of our Outreach Services we also offer split placements with schools and FE colleges. This is where the learner attends the school/FE college for the main part of their studies and they also attend WESC Foundation for a period of study which includes specialist skills such as independent living, employability, mobility and orientation, access technology and Braille.

WESC Foundation Outreach Services are available to Local Authorities and individual schools, colleges and universities.