Student Committee Group

Mission statement for the Student Committee Group:

“Giving learners the opportunity to have their opinions heard and subsequent action taken” 

The student committee consists of approximately ten learners, seven staff members (members of the safeguarding, education management and care team are always present) and an independent person from outside of WESC who ensures all issues are dealt with in a timely manner. They also frequently have visitors from external and internal contributors such as local police community support officers and members of WESC’s senior management team.

The purpose of the student committee group is to give learners a regular platform on which to meet with peers, staff and stakeholders to discuss their opinions, views and issues.

The role of the staff members who attend the meeting is to listen to all issues raised and set up an action plan to ensure the issues get resolved. After the student committee group meeting the minutes of the meeting are taken to the teacher’s forum where the Executive team and all teachers will hear about issues raised by learners and agree how to rectify any concerns.  These minutes also get circulated to all staff and learners so they are aware. The minutes are available in numerous formats including Braille, large print, audio files, or whatever format the learner requires.

There are a variety of topics discussed at the student council group meetings these can include:

  • safeguarding
  • diet
  • wellbeing
  • fitness
  • campus mobility/accessibility
  • education
  • time-tables
  • any issues which are important to the learners that they want to raise.

The group aim to meet every two weeks in a central location at lunch time and all learners have the opportunity to attend.

We believe these meetings are essential to give the learners a regular platform to discuss their opinions.