British Values

Whilst at WESC Foundation the young people will have opportunities to explore and develop the values, knowledge, confidence, and skills that will prepare them for life in modern Britain and to successfully transition to adult status. Our staff teams will proactively support opportunities to do this as part of our curriculum offer and enrichment programme. For the young people in residential provision we have further enrichment opportunities during evenings and weekends to reinforce these values.

As part of this we actively promote British Values as a staff team and recognise their place in our own expectations, vision, and values.


We very much welcome and value the thoughts of the young people at WESC. The staff at WESC will encourage all the young people to consider the views of others.

Our learners will develop an understanding and experience of Democracy through:

  • Learner voice
  • Learner representatives on student Council
  • Assemblies
  • Student Governor on the Local Governing Board –  LGB
  • Our commitment to equal opportunity
  • Activities and events taking place in the community and work placement


Individual Liberty

We will encourage the young people to make informed choices and to review actions taken and their impact on the young person and those around them.

The young people will develop an understanding and experience of Individual Liberty through:

  • The curriculum and enrichment programme
  • Safeguarding, and all other college policy and procedures
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Celebrating student success at our annual awards
  • PSHE sessions
  • Learner representatives on the student council
  • MCA and DOLs
  • Access to College support, mentoring and information, advice and guidance.


Acceptance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Within our curriculum, including enrichment opportunities, we encourage the young people to learn about the world around them and this includes developing an understanding and acceptance of different faiths, beliefs and cultures.

The young people will develop an understanding and experience of the acceptance of different Faiths and Beliefs through:

  • Assemblies held each half term
  • PSHE
  • Getting to know staff and students across your curriculum and College as a whole
  • Volunteering and work experience
  • Opportunities


Rule of Law

Our expectations of the young people are high at WESC and we reinforce the importance and value of taking responsibility to ensure that the law is followed and making clear the consequences when the law is disregarded.

Our learners will develop an understanding and experience of the Rule of Law through:

  • Induction
  • The EHCP
  • Behaviour policy
  • PSHE sessions
  • Risk assessment and care plans
  • WESC Workplace Regulations
  • WESC Policies and Procedures


Mutual Respect

As a community WESC supports the young people to demonstrate mutual respect for each other at all times

Our learners will develop an understanding and experience of Mutual Respect through:

  • Team work in the curriculum and across college
  • College Policies such as Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding and Bullying and Harassment
  • Tutor groups
  • PSHE support
  • The Learner representatives on Student Council