School (5-16) and College (16-25)


The emphasis is on creating a safe, nurturing environment where younger students feel supported to develop the building blocks of their education. The focus within school will be based around the early phases of the national curriculum (‘I can’ statements). These statements have been incorporated as a starting point to allow progress to be tracked against key milestone criteria. School students will be assessed on entry and have targets set which aim to meet core outcomes from the EHCP and also support their development in moving through the cognitively-appropriate key stage.

Other areas of focus for WESC Foundation in supporting its school students include pastoral support through daily tutor times, weekly assemblies programme of themed activities, and immersion days throughout the year. Students reaching the end of their time in school (the end of Key Stage 4) will also be supported to begin developing their aspirations for life beyond WESC Foundation and be supported to access
work experience opportunities.


The emphasis in college is on building on the skills developed by students within previous Key Stages in order to prepare them for adult life beyond education. Our aim will be to up-skill each student with the tools required for them to meet the challenges they will experience within everyday life, whether that is in paid employment, a voluntary role, a regular activity or day-to-day living.

Using frameworks as guidance tools the students will, where appropriate, be involved in the process of setting realistic targets which will support their aspirations and help them achieve their chosen vocation. Once a destination has been agreed the college students will then be supported to access a learning pathway which suits their needs and facilitates their progression across all areas of their EHCP.