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Reading Braille in action
Reading Braille in action

Braille services adapt materials for school and college learners according to a learner’s individual needs. Many of our young people are totally blind and they might require books/texts/images to be produced into Braille, grade 1 or 2; or Moon, another tactile communication aid.

Learners with some sight may require varying degrees of large print and for the text or paper to be a certain colour. Each young person’s preferred choice is known and catered for, along with any grading that the ophthalmologist may request.

Teachers and tutors provide Braille with the curriculum workbooks/sheets that are needed for each lesson, ranging from GCSE English Literature to detailed mathematics books quoting complex formulae.

WESC’s Braille service also produces material for blind or partially sighted young people in other Devon schools as part of our Outreach Services. More information about our Outreach Services can be found here.

For more information about our Braille services please contact Ruth Hardisty-Dyer, rhardistydyer@wescfoundation.ac.uk.