Learning pathways

We deliver our curriculum in school and college through two learning pathways: the Exe Learning Pathway for school and college students with visual impairment and
moderate to severe learning difficulties, and the Dart Learning Pathway for school and college students with visual impairment and severe to profound and multiple
learning difficulties.

Both pathways map onto the five areas of development within the student’s EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) and targets are set against frameworks which
support their progress towards achieving their stated outcomes. These are:

  • Cognition and learning
  • Communication and interaction
  • Social and emotional well being
  • Sensory, physical and/or mental needs
  • Social care needs

Exe Learning Pathway

Every student following the Exe Learning Pathway will have an individualised time table that addresses their needs as a whole and will be supported by a
tutor working with a tutor group. This programme offers distinct academic sessions working towards qualifications in English, Maths and ICT as core subjects (Ascentis Stepping Stone unit qualifications leading up to Level 2 – GCSE equivalent). We also offer a wide range of optional and vocational courses including art, science, design and technology, drama, horticulture, music, film and media, and radio production, plus access to a range of enrichment activities.

Young people who have specific academic or vocational aspirations or gifted talents could also be supported to access other general further education provision with partner organisations, with specialist support from WESC Foundation.

Dart Learning Pathway

Students following the Dart Learning Pathway will be supported to develop appropriate levels of independence and autonomy in their daily lives. They are able to
access educational sessions which focus on: developing communication, social interaction, developing the learning of new (or consolidation of existing) skills, and
supporting the medical and therapeutic needs of the individual.

The Dart Programme is based on the Victoria multisensory impairment curriculum with specialist adaptations designed by WESC Foundation. Timings in the Dart Learning Pathway are more flexible to allow for differing paces of learning by students. For many students their individual Education Plan will combine elements of both the Exe and the Dart pathway.