College (16-25)

For our college students (aged 16-25) we provide a broad and balanced learning experience which gives them many opportunities to develop their interests and aspirations.

The curriculum within our post-16 FE provision creates a structured and challenging learning programme, and students can acquire a range of qualifications where appropriate.

Here there is a specific focus on the learning of appropriate Functional Skills in Literacy & Numeracy, work skills and practical work experience, non-qualification activity to develop confidence, character, broader skills, attitude and confidence and Independent Living Skills.

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Preparation for adulthood

Within college the focus of learning shifts towards a student’s preparation for adulthood and their transition beyond WESC Foundation and on to an appropriate residential setting and into a suitable vocational placement.

To support this, they will have a timetable that centres around the development of Living Skills and their increased engagement in the Community aspects of the WESC Foundation curriculum model.

Another aspect of WESC Foundation offer is a successful social enterprise provision, which gives students access to learning and work experiences in five charity shops and at two horticulture projects. There are also supported internships and other work experience placements across a range of industries.

Life at WESC Foundation

All students at WESC Foundation can access:

  • Cross-campus sessions to encourage the mixing of peer groups
  • Enrichment activities like art, dance, gardening, music, VI Radio, and sensory exploration
  • Activities that develop self-advocacy, independence and decision making
  • Activities that develop self-care skills, and skills used in daily life
  • Orientation and movement skills – through swimming, Rebound therapy, walking, biking, the multi gym, and a wide range of in-class activities
  • Participation and work skills through community engagement and other on or off site activities.

Students can attend WESC Foundation School or College as a day student or on a residential basis, with both weekly or termly student accommodation and support.

We also offer split placements with schools and FE colleges. This is where the student attends a school or FE college for the main part of their studies but also attends WESC Foundation for a period of study, which may include specialist support around independent living, employability, mobility and orientation, access technology and Braille and/or access to our therapy team.

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