Specialist education provision for visual impairment

Techy WESC learners getting to grips with iPads
Techy WESC learners getting to grips with iPads

About WESC Foundation and criteria to access the provision

WESC Foundation is a leading national visual impairment centre for the education and care of children, young people and adults, aged 5-25, based in the south west. We cater for all levels of sight loss with a specialist curriculum and a wide range of complex needs. Our aim is to challenge and encourage each learner to be as active and independent as possible, whatever their ability. Our friendly and supportive environment promotes positive relationships and the development of a positive self-esteem. From this secure foundation children and young people are equipped to thrive and achieve as young adults in the future. WESC Foundation is SEND compliant.

What special education provision is available at our setting?

WESC Foundation provides an individualised curriculum for young people and adults with visual impairment (VI). They offer an adapted National Curriculum for school learners and accredited academic and vocational courses for college learners.

WESC offers the following curriculum options:

  • Specialist VI or Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) curriculum for all learners
  • Leaning programmes including National Curriculum Level 1/Entry 1 and above, for school and college learners with Moderate Learning Difficulties
  • Learning programmes for school and college learners with Complex Needs and Learning Difficulties
  • Adapted accredited academic and vocational courses at WESC Foundation or at partner colleges e.g. Exeter College, Bicton College etc.
  • Outreach VI Services for learners and teachers in mainstream schools, colleges and HE providers.
  • Supported internships that combine work placements and college education programmes across a range of industries.

Whatever curriculum the young people will be studying WESC Foundation has a wealth of expertise and experience in providing individualised programmes that cater for the young person’s specific needs.

We adapt our curriculum for young people with a visual impairment ensuring that all their needs are met. Our teachers and staff are the best. All our teachers and staff are equipped to provide a high quality service. WESC teachers are MQVI (Mandatory Qualification for teachers of learners with a visual impairment) trained or working towards it meaning they can provide the best learning and support for the young person.

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