WESC young adult chatting to his friends
WESC young adult arranging a taxi to meet his friends

Our Skills and Knowledge for Independent People (SKIP) is a unique US designed and Dutch developed programme. It supports young people and adults with visual impairment to realise their potential and increase their independent living skills. On joining WESC each person has a thorough Baseline assessment completed of their skills, from this a personalised programme is devised.

This will be progressive and target orientated based on areas such as:

  • independence and self-management in the at home
  • preparation for work and work place experiences
  • development of mobility
  • relationships with others
  • management of money and finances
  • management of health needs
  • risk management.


To find out more about our SKIP programme please contact Marc Phillips, Director of Care & Service SupportĀ, 01392 454200.