Supported living

WESC Foundation is able to offer supported living homes for young adults in one of our four houses in the Exeter area.

Exterior of a supported living accommodation house

Our supported living homes provide the perfect opportunity to transition into living in the community. Kitchens and bathrooms are adapted to suit the needs of the residents. We also have extra facilities like stairlifts or ground floor bedrooms.

We employ a supported living staff team to work with each young person. The staff are there to give them just enough support to help them to develop a life in their local area. They work with them to help increase their independence and daily living skills. The team also provides support to assist with access to employment.

Supported living is usually funded by the person using the service and the referring local authority. Each person can be supported to claim benefits such as housing benefit to help them meet their rent and household costs. They may need to pay something towards the support element depending on the charging policy of the referring local authority. The supported living service can also be bought by the person using the service. For example, using a direct payment.Interior of a supported living house showing the kitchen. There are white units and a wooden floor

All the young people accessing our services have a vision impairment of some kind, usually with other additional needs. These might include autism, cerebral palsy or learning disabilities and difficulties. For some their sight is their main challenge in life, whilst for others it may be a consequence of their other needs.

For more information please contact Shelley Mathews.