Supported housing

WESC Foundation is able to offer supported housing environments in one of our four houses in the Exeter area. These specially-adapted environments provide the perfect opportunity to transition into living in the community. Two houses (Cornwall and Dulverton) are on the Topsham Road bordering onto (but separate from) the main WESC Foundation campus. Further properties are situated within the community on a newly-built housing estate just a mile from WESC Foundation.

We employ a supported living team which works with each young person to enable them to develop a life in their local community, increasing their independence and daily living skills. The team also provides support to assist with access to employment.

Supported living is usually funded by the person using the service and the referring local authority. The young person can be supported to claim relevant benefits such as housing benefit to help them meet costs such as rent and household costs. They may need to pay something towards the support element depending on the charging policy of the referring local authority. The service can also be entirely bought by the person using the service including using a direct payment.