Adult day service

A day centre service for adults in Exeter, Devon

All the people who access our day centre are adults who have vision impairment or multi-sensory impairment. We currently support adults in their 20s and 30s, some of whom have significant support needs (including profound physical and cognitive disability), whilst some have greater independence.

Our professional care staff are trained to support the additional and varied needs of the people who come to our centre on the edge of the city of Exeter. Many still live with their families or in supported living accommodation, and our trained day service staff are able to provide expert care (on a 1:1 basis if necessary) throughout the day.

Many families find that this provides a chance for their loved one to enjoy spending stimulating activities and social contact with a peer group, whilst also supporting parents and carers to have a break. For many people it gives the additional support of professional staff (that you might expect to find in a care home), whilst still allowing someone to life in their own home.Young lady in a wheelchair laughing whilst holding up a plant.

What’s it like on a typical day?

We plan activities around the needs and wishes of the people who are with us that day. This always includes making sure that any additional health and support needs are met, so they are able to make the most of their time with us that day.

Activities might include arts and crafts, music and singing, cooking and sensory activities. We also have access to WESC Foundation’s swimming pool, sensory room and radio station (for radio broadcast and podcasting).

Support is available between 9.30 and 15.30 Monday to Friday, and we manage to fit a lot in!

Therapy and other services available

We can arrange access to onsite therapists and mobility specialists to support with:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Mobility therapist
  • Wheelchair clinics (if accessing Occupational Therapy services)
  • Rebound
  • Onsite nursing support


The core costs of places at our adult day service are usually met by local adult social care or continuing health care funding.

Some people or their families choose to buy-in additional services (such as Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy or Mobility support). These are delivered onsite by trained therapists and rehabilitation officers.

Make an enquiry

Please fill in this form if you are thinking about a placement at our day services. Someone will get in touch with you soon. Please note that we are an independent charity for people who have vision impairment and complex needs. For more information about other kinds of adult social care support please contact the local authority in your area.

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