Adult care and support services

WESC Foundation provides a range of post-education services for young adults with visual impairment and complex needs. Person-centred care and support enables them to continue to develop their skills and independence, either as part of a pathway to more independent living or as their long term destination.

These services are open to young adults transitioning from WESC Foundation’s education provision as well as people currently  who have not been part of the WESC community before.

A young adult in St David's House making food in the kitchen

Residential care for adults with visual impairment

St David’s House is our residential care home for young adults with a visual impairment. The three lodges offer up to 20 young adults a tailored care package and enrichment programme. It aims to support independence and develop skills for daily living. Importantly, it also helps people access leisure, social and vocational opportunities in the local community. St David’s House is at the main campus in Exeter.

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Daytime support

WESC Foundation’s Adult Day Services help and support adults aged 19+ who are blind or visually impaired and have other complex needs.

There is a varied range of activities to aid social contact, and help people who are finding it difficult to live at home. As a result, we aim to give people the skills and support they need to live as independently as possible. Young adults access the daytime support services at a site on the edge of Exeter.

Supported living accommodation

We currently operate two houses on the Topsham Road next to (but still separate from) the main WESC Foundation campus. Consequently they allow people living there to easily access our services, but still enjoy their independence. In addition, further properties are situated within the community on a newly-built housing estate just a mile from WESC Foundation.

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