WESC learners experience American life!

Group of WESC Foundation students dressed in I Heart New York hats with people dressed as the statue of liberty standing behind them
The group having some fun with a few of the locals!

Eight visually impaired learners, accompanied by six WESC staff members and one volunteer, travelled across the pond to the ‘land of dreams’. Experiencing new cultures, visiting historical monuments, and practising their American accents. They had the time of their lives!

The group visited Washington, New York and Boston, seeing everything from the White House and Statue of Liberty to attending a baseball game in Boston and visiting the Science Museum.

WESC learners reflected on their trip and discussed what they enjoyed most. Here’s what they had to say.

WESC learner Will said: “I enjoyed the America trip apart from the 9/11 memorial site because I and many others found it very emotional. While in America we travelled on a shuttle bus, aeroplanes, trains, buses, subways, tubes, elevators and a boat. We were always on the move whether on transport or walking. The baseball game was brilliant due to the atmosphere and good playing.

“My food highlights were the three beautiful steaks and all the fries I ate along with the mac and cheese, burgers and pizzas. Bagels were good for breakfast and evening snacks.

Two WESC Foundation students on the ferry, you can see the New York skyline in the distance
WESC learner Ben and Otis on the ferry!

“The people were friendly, helpful and considerate to our group with the wheelchairs and visual impairments. We saw some amazing sights like the Statue of Liberty, White House, Empire State building, Rockefeller centre, Intrepid and in Boston the visit to Perkins school.

“The hostels were comfortable in the shared dormitories. I slept on the bottom bunk while Ben, Otis and Adam were on the top bunks.

“Ben and Harryot were absolute stars in helping everyone when they could.”

WESC learner Ben tells us what he enjoyed most about the American trip. “I enjoyed the buses, the train and most of all the Empire State building when we went back up there at night-time because I could see all the lights at night very clearly because in the day I couldn’t see where the high-rise tower blocks were.

“I liked the atmosphere of New York, Boston and Washington DC.  I loved New York because we had a lovely meal at a restaurant that did all kinds of food and I am a picky eater so I asked for garlic mash and chicken which was very nice. The restaurant was called Planet Hollywood in Times Square where there were lots of bright coloured lights and we went shopping at night.”

A group of WESC Foundation students standing together in Times Square with people dressed as Spider Man and Olaf
The group wondering what a snowman is doing in Times Square in summertime!

WESC learner Otis gives us his views. “I really loved going on all the outings and especially loved the Empire State Building – it felt like different air up there.

“The hostels were great, we stayed in a house in New York which was very nice. My favourite hostel was the one in Washington.

“We walked around a lot and I got to eat my favourite food which was burger and chips.

“It was an adventure of a lifetime and I would love to go again next year”.