Visilift plasma touch screens at WESC Foundation

Thank you to our wonderful supporters who have helped us buy three Integrex Visilift height adjustable interactive plasma touch screens!

At the touch of a button these screens can be raised or lowered, creating an all-encompassing learning and working environment for all sizes, ages and abilities including wheelchair users.

WESC learners enjoy using the Visilift to access cause and effect activities, where they can touch the screen anywhere and something will happen. Switches can be used with the Visilift, so it is accessible for all learners with little or no vision.

These screens can also be used for teaching shapes, colours, consequences of actions and for teaching about a particular topic such as the rainforest by creating a rainforest sensory experience. It also has huge benefits in improving our learners’ hand eye coordination. The VisiLift has been shown to be a very powerful educational tool for learners who have limited sight and complex needs.

The VisiLift adds a new dimension to interactive touch displays. It has two powered columns which raise and lower the touch-sensitive plasma screen – it also has the benefit that the screen can be rotated to any angle from horizontal to vertical and beyond. Imagine a touch screen that can be used flat like a table, at any height and that can be swung into a vertical position for presentations and even angled forwards for learners lying underneath. The versatility of this tilt means that the VisiLift can be used in situations that previously were difficult or even impossible for some of the children and young people here at WESC.

Each Visilift touch screen costs around £5000 and they are in use all the time around the WESC campus, improving the learning experiences and outcomes for the young people at WESC Foundation.