Gifts in wills

Consider us in your Will

One very generous way to support children and young people with little or no sight – at no cost to you during your lifetime – is to leave us a gift in your Will. It’s the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out after you’re gone, and people like you make an absolutely invaluable contribution to the future of our school and college. There are three main ways to leave money to charity in your Will. You can gift money, share your estate or give a specific item.

A gift of money

Many people find this the easiest and most convenient way of making a gift. You can choose to link the value of your gift to the cost of living, which protects it from being devalued by inflation.

A share of your estate

This is the most valuable gift, as its value is not affected by inflation. Your estate usually includes such things as property, vehicles, household items and other possessions.

A specific item

You can also decide who receives specific items of your property, such as your car or a piece of furniture, or even jewellery or stocks and shares. Your solicitor will explain to you the merits of each type of gift to help you make a decision.

What if you already have a Will?

If you would like to amend your existing Will you can use this Codicil form attached; this will help save you and your solicitor time and effort.

Codicil form

Will checklist

Using this downloadable checklist will help you assess the value of your estate, and could save you time and money with your solicitor or legal adviser.

Will checklist

Will making guide – A gift of a brighter future

Your guide to making and changing a Will. Please email Andrew Armstrong and he will post a copy of our Will making guide directly to you.

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