Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraisers are a great way of supporting young people with vision impairment and complex needs to live additional lives.

Some people choose to fundraise on their birthday instead of asking for gifts, whilst others just want to make a difference.

  1. Head over to WESC Foundation’s Facebook Fundraiser page. If you’re not already signed into Facebook then you will need to enter login details.
  2. A box will pop-up to start creating your fundraiser. Choose how much money you want to raise. All the money you collect really helps, so you don’t have to aim really high. Even raising £100 would make a massive difference to the lives of the children and young adults at WESC Foundation.
  3. Choose an end date for your Facebook fundraiser
  4. Next, pick a title and tell the world why want to raise the money. This bit is over to you! It might be that you or someone you know has benefitted from our services. Maybe you’ve seen some of our work and you’ve been inspired to help out. Whatever your reasons, this is the chance to tell your story.
  5. Finally you can add a photograph. If you’re hosting a birthday fundraiser then maybe a picture of when you were a lot younger? We can always help out with some nice images from the WESC Foundation collection if you need a little inspiration.

Screenshot showing how to setup a Facebook Fundraiser

Where will the money go?

Monies raised through Facebook Fundraising help to support a wide range of projects which might include:

  • Communications aids (essential for young people who have difficulty in speaking and rely on augmentative and alternative communication)
  • Sensory equipment like squishy bouncy balls and weighted blankets
  • Clothing and outdoor equipment to help our students to take part in the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge
  • Buoyancy aids to assist with hydrotherapy
  • Arranging access to therapeutic and/or sensory experiences including Riding for the Disabled.
  • Specially-adapted cars to transport young people to medical appointments, work experience placements or other activities.

Above all rely on the generosity of others to ensure the children and young people have a memorable time at the WESC Foundation. With the help and support from our staff and our wonderful supporters, the children and young people leave us with a solid foundation needed for a brighter future.