Organise your own fundraising event

Staff member making plates of scones, jam and clotted cream

Running your event in 10 simple steps

First of all, we’d like to say a huge thank you for choosing to fundraise for WESC Foundation. Our work is only possible because of your generosity, compassion and inspiring enthusiasm – the money you raise will help to transform the lives of children and young people with sight loss and complex needs.

Fundraising can seem daunting when you first start, but our ten simple steps will help you to run the perfect fundraising event. But if you need help or advice at any stage, give us a call.

Step 1: Choose your event

You can do absolutely anything to raise funds for WESC, from organising a sponsored cycle ride to holding a black tie ball, hosting a cake sale or putting on a performance. Choose something that you will enjoy and feel confident about, particularly if it is your first event. If you need inspiration call the WESC fundraising team or look at our A-Z of ideas. There are so many different ways that you can fundraise!

People sat outside at a coffee morning. There is a WESC Foundation banner in the background
You could organise a coffee morning or car boot sale

Step 2: Choose a location and date

Planning your event can take time, so the earlier you can start, the better! Think about a date early on. Do you need a venue? For a small party, your home or community hall could be perfect. If you need a larger or licensed venue, a school or pub may work. Let the venue know your event is for charity and they may be able to offer you it for free.

Step 3: Ask for help

Don’t be shy to ask friends and family. Once you have your team of volunteers, give everyone a specific task, so that you’re not doing everything yourself. Approach local businesses for raffle prizes or donations. You could offer them some free publicity in return. Contact us if you need an authorisation letter to use. Then request WESC Foundation t-shirts, stands, buckets, posters, stickers and any other resources, help and advice that we can give you to help.

Step 4: Set a target

Decide how much you want to raise and keep this in mind during your planning. Think about how you can hit your target. If you’re organising a quiz or a concert, you might want to start selling tickets in advance or hold a raffle on the night to raise funds. Keep careful track of money coming

A band performing onstage at a WESC Foundation event

in and out so that you don’t spend more than you make.

Step 5: Consider going online

Open an online fundraising page where supporters can donate online. We recommend Virgin Money Giving as it is not for profit so more of the money you raise will go to the charity. If you send lots of emails for work or socialising, use your email signature to remind people about your event and include a link to your online fundraising page.

Step 6: Promote your event

Once your plans are in place, spread the word. The more people who know about your fundraising, the more money you can raise! There are plenty of promotional ideas that you can consider. Use your local networks available, talk to schools, community groups and post in parish websites or newsletters. Make a poster to advertise your event, or contact the WESC Foundation fundraising team to get one made, and then put posters up all over the local area. Social networks are a great way to spread the word. On Facebook, set up an event page and invite your friends to attend (don’t forget to tag the WESC Foundation Facebook page too). Keep everyone updated by posting photos, updating your status. If you use Twitter then remember to tag @WESCfoundation in your tweets. Encourage your contacts to share and retweet your posts. Remember a good photo is often worth a thousand words!

Step 7: Make your event safe and legal!

There are a few things you need to keep an eye on while planning your event. On any posters or online publicity, please state clearly that you are raising money for WESC Foundation and that we are a registered charity. Contact us before using our logo and we will send you a high-resolution version and ensure that you know our charity registration number. If you are collecting cash we can send you tins or buckets with seals, and remember if you are collecting in the street you will need a permit from your local authority and collectors must be over 16 years. Also if you are selling alcohol you will need to apply for a temporary event licence. If you are expecting a large number of people you may need to consider insurance, first aid cover or a risk assessment. Again, phone the fundraising team here at WESC Foundation for advice.

Step 8: Send the money you raise to WESC Foundation

Count the money you have raised in a secure environment and then pay the money to WESC Foundation by cheque, online, or if you are local you can pop in to see us and then pay the money over.

Step 9: Thank everyone involved

Thank all your volunteers, sponsors and everyone who has donated prizes and supported your event. They will then be more inclined to help you again.

Step 10: Have fun and be proud. You are going out of your way to help others!