Charity Skydive 2021

Monday 04/01/2021 to Wednesday 31/03/2021,

WESC Foundation staff and relatives are preparing for the experience of a lifetime! They’re doing a charity skydive to raise money to help support our young people.

The WESC Foundation charity skydive from 15,000ft is organised via Skydive UK who are based at Dunkeswell airfield near Exeter. Affiliated to the British Parachute Association, Skydive UK are setting the standard for safety, ensuring that you can enjoy the most exhilarating, breath taking, adrenalin pumping moment of your life with complete confidence.

Can I take part in the skydive?

Places on our skydive are all full up now but you can still support our amazing skydivers by donating to their JustGiving pages below!

Support our skydivers

Eleanor: Donate to Eleanor’s JustGiving page

Miranda: Donate to Miranda’s JustGiving page

Katie: Donate to Katie’s JustGiving page

Sally: Donate to Sally’s JustGiving page

Scott: Donate to Scott’s JustGiving page

Ella-Marie: Donate to Ella-Marie’s JustGiving page

Kirsty: Donate to Kirsty’s JustGiving page

Beth: Donate to Beth’s JustGiving page

Aidan: Donate to Aidan’s JustGiving page

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