VI Challenge!

Wednesday 13/07/2016 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Image Blur 300England blind international football players, Keryn Seal (captain) and Robin Williams, use their skills to present a unique competition combined with Disability Awareness training at WESC Foundation, via their company Listen2Win Ltd.

Here is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to meet Keryn and Robin and take part in some of the fantastic, fun activities that they have devised to help you all communicate and work together as a team.

  • How fast can your blindfolded team mate negotiate a traverse climbing wall, and can you increase their speed with your instructions?
  • How do the footballers among you stand up without the use of your vision?
  • Can your team win the blindfolded penalty shootout?
  • Maybe they will triumph at the relay event with a twist?
  • Do they have the skill and bravery to sprint on the running track with just the call of a guide to ensure they run straight?

And where better to hold the event on a summers evening, but here at the WESC Foundation beautiful campus on Topsham Road in Exeter?

For just £250.00 for each team of five, you can enter this unique event and compete against other local high profile teams. You will get free food and drinks, awards if you’re successful, and a full briefing note before the event to enhance your team planning.  All teams will be encouraged to raise sponsorship for the New Adventures Outdoor Activities project at WESC Foundation as well.

Bring your supporters too and make it a party atmosphere; there will be music, and a charity auction to raise funds for WESC Foundation.

For more information, or if you want to enter, please contact Jon Duckham, Maggie Garrett or Kim Cottle in the WESC Fundraising department, or call  01392 454334.

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