Cards and gifts

Don't Send Me a Card logoWe invite you to fundraise for WESC in a new and we hope ‘green’ way!

We’ve teamed up with a local website called If you wish to send a card for any particular occasion why not try sending an e-mail card instead?

Two billion cards are sent each year in the UK. That’s a lot of cards! Some people believe they are not worth the expense, and that people could do a lot more with the money instead. Wouldn’t you rather give to a worthy cause rather than add to a pile of greeting cards destined for the bin?

What is

You can use this website to send e-cards for special occasions, and donate the cost equivalent of sending printed greeting cards to WESC. Your donation then goes towards the worthy cause of supporting visually impaired young people at WESC Foundation.

Click here to go through to our WESC page and read all about what you need to do. If you need any further advice please contact Jon Duckham, Fundraising Manager, on 01392 454334 or email