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We have been supporting blind and partially sighted children and young people for almost 175 years. The money raised by WESC’s dedicated supporters helps blind and partially sighted children and young people with additional disabilities have the same opportunities and life chances as their sighted peers.

Over 100 blind or visually impaired children and young people attend the WESC Foundation daily, weekly or all year round. Most of our children and young people contend with complex needs such as cerebral palsy and autism. To make sure the children and young people have the best education, care and fun we have a team of over 300 specialist staff. Our team strive to give the children and young people the best start in life by developing their life skills, confidence and independence.

Making a difference

By getting involved in one of our fundraising events or deciding to fundraise for us, the young people get involved in an exciting variety of educational and leisure activities. They are given the tools and helping hands they need to do the things that so many of us take for granted.

Cutting an apple, typing a letter and getting on the bus to the shops can be big challenges to overcome but with the support of their teachers, learning support workers and carers, nothing is impossible to the children and young people at WESC Foundation.

The children and young people love to go on trips whether it’s sailing, cycling or horse riding (to name but a few!) all of which help them live a rich and fulfilling life.

We depend on you

Here are a few examples of what we fundraise for:

  • Specialist communications aids (essential for young people who have difficulty in speaking and therefore rely on augmentative and alternative communication).
  • Sensory equipment like squishy bouncy balls and weighted blankets
  • Clothing and outdoor equipment to enable our students to take part in the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge
  • Buoyancy aids to assist with hydrotherapy
  • Arranging access to therapeutic and/or sensory experiences including Riding for the Disabled or outdoor activities.
  • Specially adapted vehicles to transport young people to medical appointments, work experience placements or other activities.

We rely on the generosity of others to ensure the children and young people have a memorable time at the WESC Foundation.

With the help and support from our staff and our wonderful supporters the children and young people leave us with a solid foundation needed for a brighter future.

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