Advanced Eye Tracking Technology at WESC Foundation

Young person sat in their wheelchair looking at a screen positioned above and in front of themThe Eye Gaze system allows students at WESC Foundation, to use eye movements to operate a computer, and so enable them to access many different activities and software programmes.

The eye gaze system is used by WESC students across campus who have a range of different disabilities. The Eye Gaze enables students of all abilities to access programmes to suit their individual needs, including students who are verbal and non- verbal, by tracking the movement of their eyes.

The system can also be used as a touch screen for those who have some useful vision, but for those young people with limited vision, or difficulties with fine motor skills, the system can be accessed via switches or buttons.

Students can access a range of “cause and effect” software and games, and then, if appropriate, they can progress to more complex programmes, following instructions, learning to communicate and express themselves, and ultimately taking more control over their lives.

Eye Gaze technology literally lets our students say it with their eyes!

This amazing technology was purchased as part of the Communication Aids appeal and is already helping youngsters here at WESC express themselves and join in activities, using their eye movements. Thank you.