Acheeva Positioning Bed and Learning Station

Acheeva 300 bed being used by a young person to watch TVEveryone at WESC Foundation is so grateful to our wonderful supporters who have helped us to raise money to fund assistive technology such as the Acheeva Graduate Learning Station Bed, which enables some of our students to be positioned comfortably and safely, whilst joining in classroom activities.

Children with profound physical disabilities are very often unable to move themselves into different positions, and so must be moved frequently to avoid pressure sores and to aid breathing and digestion. These children may be more comfortable when lying flat rather than being upright in chairs, and so in a classroom setting they are often on the floor on cushions, and so at completely different heights to classmates who may be better able to use chairs. This can lead to students feeling isolated and missing out on large parts of their education.

The Acheeva Graduate Learning Station Bed helps our most severely disabled children take an active part in lessons alongside their peers. The Acheeva is a specialist piece of equipment which provides positioning with full support to the child. The Acheeva is compact, and easily moveable within the classroom, so the child can be easily included in class activities. The height and angle can be adjusted to allow children to make eye contact and to communicate. Being at a raised height also ensures that they can easily see what is being shown to other learners, and they are on a level with staff and their classmates who maybe in wheelchairs.

The Acheeva helps our staff to deliver learning to all our learners with complex needs, in a way that is tailored to their individual needs.

This important piece of equipment costs around £4500.