Pupil premium

Since the introduction of Pupil Premium in March 2013 WESC Foundation to date (January 2018) has received £35,834.69.

Information about Pupil Premium in 2018

In 2018 WESC Foundation received a total of £8908.41 for Devon students. This money has been used to purchase:

  • Music therapy sessions
  • Tactile classroom materials (including malleable clay, doughs and sands)
  • Sensory stories and toys
  • “Wowee” speakers

Information about Pupil Premium in 2017

In 2017, WESC received a total of £7,530 for eight Devon students.  This money has been used to purchase the various items below:

  • Music therapy sessions
  • Tactile sand
  • Sensory learning toys
  • Rebound training for staff working with learners
  • Equipment and toys adapted to work with switches
  • Switch adapted bubble machine
  • Eye gaze equipment training for staff to use with learners.

Pupil Premium for 2017 has included the training of staff in Rebound therapy and the use of eye gaze equipment with learners who have severe and profound multiple learning difficulties.  In addition, we have been able to supply learners with specifically adapted educational toys and equipment. The adaptations to these items have included using switch technology in order for the visually impaired students to be able to access technology and learning through modified visual and auditory experiences. This has led to students being able to make choices using the switches in cooking, ICT and community pathways sessions, as well as to provide music therapy sessions. All of these adaptations has resulted in higher quality specialist sessions, improved therapy sessions and increased use of eye gaze equipment.

More information about Pupil Premium at WESC Foundation

Regular meetings are held to discuss the various needs of each individual learner and how equipment can benefit them and meet their educational needs.

For further information about the Pupil Premium grant please email WESC Foundation.