Inspections and audits

WESC Foundation has a variety of plans, audits and reports available for you to have a look at and find out more information about the organisation including reports from Ofsted and Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Self-Assessment Reports

Self-Evaluation & Assessment 2016-17
Self-Assessment Report School 2015-16

Self-Assessment Report College 2015-16
Self-Assessment Report School 2014-15

OFSTED Reports


School OFSTED inspection – July 2019
School OFSTED inspection – November 2018
College OFSTED inspection – November 2018
CARE OFSTED inspection – November 2018
School OFSTED inspection – July 2017
Care OFSTED inspection – July 2017

Care OFSTED inspection – July 2016

Care OFSTED inspection – November 2015

College OFSTED inspection – September 2015
Care OFSTED inspection – February 2015
School OFSTED inspection – July 2014
College OFSTED inspection – May 2014
Care OFSTED inspection – November 2013

Ofsted provides a platform for parents to give their views about their child’s school and college, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. This platform is called Parent View. The survey can be completed at any time; parents don’t have to wait until an Ofsted inspected.

WESC Foundation would like to encourage our parents to give their views to Ofsted as we value your opinions. To give your opinions about WESC Foundation to Ofsted please click here.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Reports

Care Quality Commission Report – April 2017
Care Quality Commission Report – September 2014

Care Quality Commission Report – November 2013
Care Quality Commission Report – September 2012

Devon and Cornwall Monitoring Visits

Devon monitoring visit – March 2015
Devon monitoring visit – October 2013