World Radio Day – 13th February

13 February 2019

UNESCO has designed today (February 13th) as World Radio Day 2019. It celebrates radio as a medium, and particularly the impact it has on people around the world.

Did you know we have our own radio station?

WESC Foundation’s own radio station, VI Radio, has been broadcasting from our Exeter campus since 2003. All the presenters are visually impaired, and most are current or former students of WESC Foundation’s school or college. A number of young people from our adult care support services also enjoy presenting radio shows as a hobby.

The station is fully-equipped to broadcast online via TuneIn radio, and young people can access VI Radio as part of their studies. Importantly, the dedicated studio sits in the heart of the ‘student village’ accommodation. As a result it is also something that they can do for fun.

Please visit the VI Radio website to find out more about the station, including when it will be broadcasting.

More about World Radio Day 2019

World Radio Day 2019 celebrates the theme of “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”. Broadcasts that provide a platform for dialogue and democratic debate over issues, such as migration or violence against women, can help to raise awareness among listeners. They can also inspire understanding for new perspectives in paving the way for positive action.

Radio programming can also build tolerance and surpass the differences separating groups by uniting them under common goals and causes, like ensuring education for one’s children or addressing local health concerns.

The VI Radio studio at WESC Foundation for World Radio Day 2019


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