What’s out there? An accessible solar system tour!

8 April 2021

Girl in wheelchair reaching out to touch a push button switch labelled Mercury

Vision impaired students in our specialist school have enjoyed building an accessible outdoor trail to help learn about the solar system.

Students can walk through the solar system that’s been installed in one of the WESC Foundation sensory gardens, where they will find inflatable models of each planet. It’s part of this term’s curriculum theme of “What’s out there”?

All the planets are labelled in large print, symbols and Braille. This gives a wide range of sensory options for learning about our solar system. There’s also a push-button switch which plays back pre-recorded facts.

Two of our students enjoyed giving a tour of the solar system trail. One said:

“I’ve really enjoyed learning lots of facts about each of the planet. I can work out which one is which by using the Braille labels”.

Blue switch labelled earth is on a wooden post. Underneath is an inflatable globe


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