WESC students shine at Ten Tors 2018

21 May 2018

The group with their medals
The WESC group with their medals! Well done guys!

Six WESC Foundation students have taken part in Jubilee Challenge at Ten Tors 2018 on Saturday 12th May on Dartmoor.

The six intrepid visually impaired youngsters, five of whom were completing the challenge for the first time, arrived at Okehampton Camp, Dartmoor on the afternoon of the 11th May in readiness for the big day, supported by 14 WESC staff and volunteers.

WESC student Craig, who completed his second Jubilee Challenge, this time completing route 3, and in doing so gained his ‘Silver’ medal, said: “I’m really happy that I’ve done it.  My legs are tired!”

The other five students, Holly, Nina, Matthew, William (route 1) and Ross (route 2), walked between 7.5 and 10 miles and collected their Bronze medals as it was their first year completing the challenge.

Training for Ten Tors 2018

The WESC students have been preparing for the Ten Tors challenge for the last couple of months with the learners attending multiple training sessions on Woodbury Common, Haldon Forest and various areas of Dartmoor.

WESC teacher Matt Smith said:

“I am genuinely staggered at the manner in which all six have met this challenge.  They have increased in confidence and physical endurance with each training walk and have become more independent and resilient with each new challenge faced.   It is easy for others to think that, because of their visual impairment and other additional needs, that this is not a challenge that they could complete. All six of them have worked incredibly hard, fought their own personal battles and proven that with the right support, encouragement and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

“There is no one moment that I could point to that I could honestly say surpasses any other but some of the most stirring include William crossing the line having independently manoeuvred himself around the course in his powered chair. Ross was able to go at a pace that meant he covered a greater distance than many in a far quicker time, despite the rougher terrain. Matthew being confident in independently walking around route 1 using effective cane techniques and not a sighted guide. Holly overcoming her anxiety and crossing the finish line overwhelmed with her achievement and to the elation of her family and Nina being able to walk her furthest distance over uneven terrain without physical support.  It was genuinely an outstanding weekend which was full of emotion and I would like to thank the six students, all the staff and the British Army who helped to make this amazing opportunity happen”.

“Another highlight was having Heather Stanning (GB Rower) present the medals to our group.”

Well done to our fabulous students who took on the challenge of Ten Tors 2018!









Will enjoys completing Ten Tors 2018

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