WESC students keep the beat going at 24hr Radio Marathon!

20 March 2018

WESC student Jacob getting down with his rap music!
WESC student Jacob getting down with his rap music!

WESC Foundation students raised funds for their summer residential trips to San Francisco, Bristol and the Calvert Trust by running a non-stop, 24-hour, live radio marathon with a variety of guest speakers!

On Friday 16 March 2018 five music loving students took it in shifts to stay up all night and present a radio show live on-air at WESC’s on-campus radio station called VI Radio.

The 24 hour radio extravaganza was organised by a group of five WESC students as part of their work skills lessons, where the focus is on effective communication. They decided on the idea together as a group and took on different jobs as their way of organising this challenging event. They wanted to raise funds to go towards three residential trips this summer for all students and young people at WESC. The five students in charge of the event have proudly announced they have raised the grand total of £812 on their Justgiving page, not including funds raised from raffle ticket sales!

Each student took it upon themselves to decide what to present on their show and the type of music they wanted to play.

Still in high spirits at 4am!
Still in high spirits at 4am!

The marathon started at 9am with WESC student Matthew doing his breakfast show which included two hours of an eclectic range of tunes that he likes to dance to!

William then took to the show at 11am, where he decided to invite his Dad, Ian Larkin, as a special guest into the studio to interview him about his career as a submariner and what it takes to be a crew member.

It was then Craig’s turn to lead the next few hours, being joined by a range of students who were happy to help, including Otis, Will and Adam.

Unfortunately WESC student George was unable to perform his slot due to illness but he was still a big part of the show, calling in and requesting songs from home!

A true eclectic mix of music was played throughout the 24 hours including WESC student Jacob’s very energetic range of rap and hip hop selections that got everybody up on their feet! It was here that Jacob, Craig and special guest, former WESC student, Tom took on the challenge of going right through the night till 9am!

A special guest star for Will came in to offer his support!
A special guest star for Will came in to offer his support!

WESC student Jacob commented about his show: “It was a fantastic 24-hours! Very exciting – I really enjoyed the people phoning in and requesting their favourite songs. The team spirit kept me going although I did hit a wall around 7am and wanted to go to sleep but all the WESC staff members who came in throughout the night to give us snacks and motivation kept me going. I want to say a big thank you to them and to everyone who has given us money.” 

Nicola Smith, WESC’s teacher, organised the fundraising event together with her class and commented: “I am pleased to say that after a gruelling 24 hours the students involved succeeded in their fundraising challenge and I couldn’t be prouder! All five young men contributed so positively to the event and made it a really fun experience. Matthew started the show with a bang, followed by William’s thoughtful and well planned show. Although poor George was ill he was still in contact throughout the show, showing support for his peers from home. Luckily Otis was able to step in and interview George’s special guest Jane Nutt, to discuss her favourite tunes. It was then up to Craig and Jacob to go right through the night, trying hard to keep up their energy till 9am!

Time for a well-deserved break with a bacon buttie!
Time for a well-deserved break with a bacon buttie!

“There was quite a lull at 5am where both young men felt beat and that they couldn’t go on, however they managed to use their reserve energy and get through the last few hours. A massive thank you to all of those that came in to support during the 24 hours, in particular Jane Beveridge and family who arrived with energy and dancing, Steve Parfitt who turned up with drinks and snacks at 10pm, Pauline Weston who arrived at 5am with bacon sandwiches, Matt Smith who came in at 6.30am with more snacks and, at this time much needed words of encouragement! Also, a big, big thank you to ex-student Tom West, who allowed Jacob and Craig to get through the toughest hours of the show by giving them some respite and taking control of the tunes!

“Thank you to everyone who donated to their JustGiving page. The money will be put towards creating some amazing experiences and special memories on their residential trips this year. The students have been an inspiration and I couldn’t feel prouder as their teacher!”

If you would still like to sponsor them please either visit their Just Giving page  or contact Nicola Smith on nsmith@wescfoundation.ac.uk.


The group at the end of the 24hrs - well done guys!
The group at the end of the 24hrs – well done guys!

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