WESC Foundation Student Completes Paid Supported Internship

1 June 2021

Last week, college student Nina completed her last day at IKEA. Nina has been working at IKEA alongside her studies at WESC Foundation since October, when she secured a paid role after impressing her managers just three weeks into her supported internship.

What’s a supported internship?

Supported internships are study programmes for young people ages 16 to 24 who have special education needs that might need extra support to move into employment. Nina’s supported internship at IKEA was particularly unique as it was paid.

Nina’s role at IKEA

Since working at IKEA, Nina has developed a number of skills. Her daily responsibilities included using the tea and coffee machines and taking food out to customers. Nina has a keen interest in retail and hospitality and hopes that she will be able to apply some of her new skills in her next role.

Nina stood with two other IKEA staff in uniform with her thumbs up
Nina gives a thumbs up with her IKEA colleagues

Nina’s supported internship at IKEA is a fantastic addition to her already sound CV. Prior to Nina’s last day, her manager at IKEA wrote her a letter thanking her for her hard work, and commenting on how much Nina had grown and developed. They said:

“We hope you have enjoyed your time at IKEA as much as we have enjoyed having you on our team! You have fitted in so well with the team and took all the learning in your stride. We know whatever your future career holds you will be extremely successful.”

On Nina’s last day, she left IKEA laden with gifts, a whole new set of skills, a superb reference and most importantly, a huge smile on her face.

Whatever’s next for Nina, we know her future is bright!

Nina holding a bunch of flowers and a hamper full of goodies
Nina on her last day at IKEA

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