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5 May 2021

Social enterprise highlighted as European good practice for entrepreneurship

WESC Foundation’s social enterprise project has been shortlisted as an example of good practice within the Interreg Europe funded E-COOL project.

Andy Roberts, Head of Enterprise Development at WESC Foundation, was invited to give a presentation to the project partners. He told the story of the development of our social enterprise into its present form: five retail outlets, a thriving eBay store (with a feedback score of over 19,000), two horticulture projects and a portfolio of partner businesses offering work experience.

Andrew Roberts standing in front of a WESC Foundation exhibition banner

What is the E-COOL Project hoping to do?

Promoting entrepreneurship is an important driver of smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth and it has been a prime objective of the EU regions since the EC included it into the 2020 Strategy.

The EU 2020 Action Plan suggests that young people who are given the opportunity to receive a specialised entrepreneurship education are more likely to start-up a business and are better equipped to tackle challenges in both their professional and personal lives.

E-COOL will identify and share:

– Good practices for creating more fruitful entrepreneurial ecosystems

– Actions to boost entrepreneurship in young people’s attitudes and mindset.

The good practices and lessons learnt will be transferred into Action Plans to be included in regional policies.

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