WESC ex-student Ben embarks on new internship!

WESC ex-student Ben and his manager Mark Vandenberg sorting through some books to sell on eBay
WESC ex-student Ben and his manager Mark Vandenberg sorting through some books to sell on eBay

Hard work, determination and charisma are just a few of the qualities that have helped secure an internship placement for WESC ex-student Ben, 19, from Exmouth, within WESC’s very own Social Enterprise department for this academic year.

WESC’s Social Enterprise consists of a registered online eBay shop, five retail charity outlets, West Hill garden centre and a horticultural development.

An internship is usually undertaken by a student or graduate and is a period of work experience, offered by an organisation, lasting for a fixed time period. Internships are focussed to allow the student to gain the relevant skills and experience in a particular field.  Ben’s internship is based around gaining skills in e-commerce and retail.

Delving into more detail Ben tells us in his own words what he gets up to on his internship!

“I work three days a week. On Mondays I work in the charity shop on Sidwell Street in Exeter City Centre. I get the bus completely independently from Exmouth to Exeter, having learned the route during my mobility training at WESC, and when I get there I help stock shelves, work on the till and serve the customers. I’m the shop manager Sarah’s second hand man!

A happy eBay team!
A happy eBay team!

“On Tuesdays I work in the eBay shop at WESC’s campus. I dress the mannequin in the clothes that people want to sell and take photos so they are ready to be uploaded to the website. I use the iPad as I can adjust it to my own height and enlarge the screen to suit my visual needs. I then upload the photo I have taken and put details about the price, size, any special brand name onto the advert template. Before the advert is approved my manager Mark double checks that all the details are correct.

“On Thursdays I work in the eBay shop again but I get involved in different tasks such as writing copy for the Social Enterprise blog including information on what’s going on in the charity shops and what’s selling on eBay.”

Ben continues: “WESC is a lovely place to have gone to school, college and now work. It has given me so many skills including; mobility, confidence, independence and academic skills such as numeracy, that I can now use in my workplace.”

Mark Vandenberg, WESC’s eBay Manager, said: “Ben has started well, is very keen and picks things up quickly. I look forward to seeing Ben develop professionally and socially during his time with us. I have no doubts that by the time his internship ends he will have an array of transferable work skills that will benefit him for the future.”

If you are interested in internships at WESC Foundation or donating any unwanted items to eBay please contact Andy Roberts, Social Enterprise Manager by emailing aroberts@wescfoundation.ac.uk or call 01392 454200.

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