WESC is delighted to announce school awarded ‘good’ by Ofsted

WESC Foundation school children celebrating the fantastic Ofsted result!
WESC Foundation school learners celebrating the fantastic Ofsted result!

“The school rightly places the highest emphasis on preparing pupils for independent living in all its aspects. As a result, over time, pupils’ self-confidence and self-belief increase. Older pupils relish the increased independence they develop,” according to WESC Foundation’s Ofsted report.

WESC Foundation students and staff are thrilled to announce that the school has been rated ‘Good’ following a recent Ofsted inspection.

A team of inspectors, over a two day period, assessed the school’s quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development and welfare, outcomes for pupils and the effectiveness of leadership and management.

The Ofsted school inspectors praised the quality of teaching stating that “teaching and learning has a positive impact on pupils’ achievements” and highlighting that due to effective teaching the “pupils made good progress towards their individual targets”. 

As well as commenting that behaviour at the school was good, the school inspectors also said that “pupils are polite and courteous to each other and to staff. They show respect for other pupils’ contributions to lessons and listen politely to the views of others.”  

Ofsted inspectors credited the outcomes made by pupils highlighting that; “they made good progress from their starting points across a range of subjects and in all key stages.”

The report identifies that teachers made good use of enabling or assistive technology, where appropriate, in their classrooms which “allows pupils with visual impairment to get more actively involved in their learning. Teaching of Braille is successful in developing this skill in pupils for whom it would be useful”.

Work-related learning was recognised as a strong aspect of the curriculum and teachers commended on having “a good understanding of the skills that visually impaired pupils need to thrive independently in the workplace.”

Praise was given to the leadership and management team at WESC for having “ensured that the school continues to provide a good standard of education to pupils across all key stages. Leaders are ambitious for their pupils and focus well on preparing them for the next stage of their lives.”

The report identifies the important role of governance stating that “the quality of school governance has improved in recent years”, and that “trustees have a very clear-sighted strategic plan”.

Mark Braithwaite, WESC Foundation’s Interim Principal said: “We are delighted to report on our ‘good’ inspection and thank trustees, staff, parents/carers and all our learners for contributing to this success. We strive to transform our learners’ life chances and this includes supporting them to become more independent and prepared for their transition to adult status. This inspection outcome makes clear that we are achieving our aims and our consistent hard work is paying off!”

Jane Bell, WESC Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer said; “I am very proud of our learners and staff for the fantastic Ofsted report which clearly demonstrates all their tremendous achievements.

“It is our vision here at WESC to provide a specialist centre for education, training and expertise, transforming the lives of people with visual impairment. These are not just words, our staff work together with learners and other professionals to ensure this vision is met and learners achieve their goals.

“A very well done to all of my team and the talented learners we have here at WESC Foundation.”

The school Ofsted inspection really did end the summer term on a high for staff, learners and parents.

To read to the full report please click here. 

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