Talent Show Winner at WESC Foundation

18 May 2021

WESC’s Got Talent

WESC Foundation held the annual ‘WESC’s Got Talent’ event just before the end of the Spring term. It’s usually a lively celebration for the whole community, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event took place a little differently this year.

Rather than hosting the talent show live in the main hall, the young people (and staff!) sent in pre-recorded entries. Although it was a shame not to be able to get everyone together in person to enjoy the performances it did mean that lots of young people were able to take part. There were many extremely talented entries, particularly in the ‘solo singing’ category.

College Student Shines

College student, Ioan, blew the judges away with his fantastic rendition of Ed Sheeran’s song, Perfect. Ioan joined the WESC Foundation’s specialist college just last November. As everyone would be, Ioan was nervous to join a new college and meet so many new people when he first came to WESC Foundation, not to mention as he did so during COVID-19. Despite challenges, Ioan has settled in brilliantly at WESC and has made many friends. He has a wonderful sense of humour and loves sharing jokes with his peers.

Ioan recorded his entry for WESC’s Got Talent in front of his classmates. His pitch-perfect performance was enjoyed later across the whole of the campus over Microsoft Teams. After impressing the judges with his voice, Ioan received a medal for his talented performance. Everyone at WESC Foundation are very proud of him and how much his confidence has grown as he has settled into college life. Excellent work Ioan!

Listen to Ioan’s live performance on SoundCloud here.

Young man proudly wearing medal around his neck stood outside
Ioan wears his medal with pride

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