See Christmas Through Our Eyes- WESC Foundation Advent Calendar

25 December 2020

Everyone loves to experience the magic of Christmas, but what is Christmas really like for people with a visual impairment? This year we’re encouraging you to See Christmas Through Our Eyes with our WESC Foundation Advent Calendar. Every day until Christmas Eve we’ll be posting one (sometimes two!) things on our social media pages to help you learn about how our young people, and others with visual impairments and complex needs, experience the magic of Christmas.

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Advent Calendar in the WESC Foundation colours

Keep checking back every day of December to see each day’s post!

Day 1: Learn the Makaton sign for ‘Snowman’

Move both hands down wards palms facing in towards each other in opposite s shapes.

Then cup chin between index finger and thumb and move hand downwards as if stroking a beard.

Day 2: Blindfolded Wrapping Challenge

Day 3: Learn the Makaton sign for Sleigh

Hold hands in light fists with thumb on top. (As if holding reins.)

Move hands from wrists quickly as if guiding a sleigh.

Day 4: Why the One Cup Dispenser is helpful for our young people

Day 5: Learn the Makaton sign for ‘Stars’

Close fists to open hands at different points in front of you. Alternate different hands.

Day 6: Learn the Makaton sign for ‘Happy’

Lightly clasp hands together and stroke palm with the upper hand towards thumb tip.

Day 7: Another Blindfolded Wrapping Challenge

Day 8: Learn the Makaton sign for ‘Pudding’

Cup both hands and place fingertips of each hand to the wrist of the other hand.

Day 9: How the Tea Tool helps to increase confidence in the kitchen

Day 10: More Blindfolded Wrapping Challenge

Day 11: What’s it like to experience Christmas with VI?

Read today’s blog post about experiencing Christmas with VI

Day 12: Why a talking Microwave helps our young people in the kitchen

Day 13: Christmas crafting with our young people

Pine cones painted in bright colours for Christmas

Day 14: Travelling home for Christmas with GWR

Day 15: Support our staff who work over Christmas

Read our blog post about Christmas Day at St David’s House

Day 16: Shop from the Boots Braille catalogue

Boots have sent us the Braille version of their Christmas gift guide. It’s a brilliant way for our young Braillists to shop for their Christmas presents.

Boots Gifts of Love gift guide in Braille

Day 17: How a Step by Step switch helps our young people to make choices

Day 18: Our Santa’s Grotto

A girl smiles as she meets Father Christmas

Day 19: Learn the Makaton sign for ‘King’

Place the fingertips of one hand on your head like a crown then cup your chin with your thumb and index finger and make a downwards motion as if stroking a beard.

Day 20: Christmas baking with Adult Day Services

Some of the young people who leave our education provision continue to access our Adult Day Services. There’s all sorts of activities that support their vision impairment and other needs, but there’s always time for that all-important cake making!

A pile of iced and baked goods on a piece of greasproof paper

Day 21: The WESC Foundation Christmas Gift Guide

6 things you could buy WESC Foundation this Christmas

Day 22: Christmas Sensory Story

Day 23: Learn the Makaton sign for ‘Toys’

Hold one hand in front of you with palm facing upwards. Using the index finger of the other hand make a circle around the hand starting from the wrist.

Day 24: Merry Christmas from WESC Foundation

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