Ofsted School Assurance Visit November 2020

7 December 2020

Ofsted carried out an Assurance Visit to the WESC Foundation School on 3 November 2020.

The inspectors have shared their letter which confirms the visit’s findings. As this was an Assurance Visit it does not result in the awarding of a grade to this part of our provision.

Despite this we were please to share details of how we have supported out students this term, as well as outlining some of the improvements that have been made since Ofsted’s last inspection of the school in December 2019.

These include:

  • accelerating improvements to our campus-wide curriculum, and the multi-disciplinary input of our staff
  • ensuring that our pupils did not lose ground during lockdown
  • prioritising communication, language and technology as central to accessing our curriculum
  • broadening the range of subjects for pupils, including PSHE
  • supporting our students – many of whom have additional and complex needs – to deal with the challenges caused by the pandemic (e.g. changes to routine)
  • our creative response to remote learning and work experience placements

This visit followed a similar Assurance Visit to the Residential Special School in September and October 2020.

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