Mark runs the London Marathon for WESC Foundation

24 August 2021

Mark is running the London Marathon in October to raise money for WESC Foundation, to support young people with vision impairments and complex needs. With seven weeks to go, we spoke to Mark about his marathon journey so far.

Mark in running gear stood outside on a track

Why have you chosen to support WESC Foundation?

WESC Foundation is a charity close to my heart. My wife is a teacher there and I’ve seen the amazing work she and many other staff members are doing for the young people there. I’ve seen her work many late nights to ensure the lessons she provides give the most to the young people who are already marginalised and left to fend on the edge of society. As the young people at WESC Foundation have such a variety of needs, quality of care and education is of the utmost importance for everyone that attends. This is why I have chosen to lend them my support.

What inspired you to take on a marathon?

I’ve never ran a marathon before, or even particularly enjoyed running. Running started as a lockdown hobby and then my colleagues and I challenged ourselves to a half marathon. This was the first time I ran any real distance. I heard that WESC Foundation had a place in the London Marathon, and inspired by my new interest in running, saw this as an opportunity to help.

How has your marathon journey been so far?

It’s been tough at times. There have been a lot of blisters! I have a newborn baby and a toddler and fitting in long runs with family life mean some very early starts. It can be hard to find the motivation to get up at 5.30am in the pouring rain after being kept up for part of the night. I somehow manage to clear the fog from my mind and remember I’m not running this for me. I’m running for so many others.

This keeps me motivated. Motivated to get out early, get the miles in, and appreciate the estuary views and nature before everyone else starts their day. I’ll be reminding myself of this when on mile 20!

How are you feeling about the big day?

I’m mostly excited. Nervous, but excited! 26 miles sounds daunting but when you count up all the training time and miles I will have put in ahead of the actual marathon, it’s huge. Part of me doesn’t want it to be over just yet. The training can be meditative and when I think about the people that I’m running the marathon for, it’s really inspiring. All the funds I raise for only having to run 26.2 miles will really make an impact on so many people’s lives that attend the WESC Foundation. I’m so proud to help provide equipment, facilities and specialists that many young people can’t get anywhere else.

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Inspired by Mark’s run? Find out how you can support our young people at WESC Foundation by signing up to your own fundraising challenge here.

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