Local train driver Tom takes on ultra-endurance David Goggins challenge

3 March 2021

This is Tom. ⠀
Portrait of Tom looking into the camera. He's wearing a dark t-shirt
He’s a train driver for GWR and is taking on the Goggins Challenge this weekend (it’s part of a combined fundraising drive with colleagues that will culminate in the Three Peaks Challenge later this year).⠀

The challenge is a tough one, and sees participants run four miles  every four hours for 48 hours. It tests runners both physically and mentally, and it’s a favourite of American ultrarunner David Goggins.

Tom’s story⠀

Here’s Tom explaining why he’s going through with it!⠀

“I always intended to put myself through a tough, physical & mental challenge this year. As a Train Driver, I work in a safe, comfortable environment whilst sat on my backside – it’s very rarely testing! ⠀

“The two big ‘races’ I had originally planned for 2021 I can no longer partake in; I missed out on a place in the London Marathon ballot and the Great West Run has been cancelled. So when the opportunity arose to take on the 4x4x48 challenge which happens to fall on my weekend off work, and I realised I could link this in with raising more money for the WESC foundation, I was all over it! Having recently read David Goggins’ book ‘Can’t hurt me’ I have been left inspired, and this particular challenge gave me the chance to take on something that most people think is a bad idea! ⠀

“My mum used to work at WESC Foundation, so I know first-hand the incredible work that goes on there. If through my suffering, I can raise awareness and money for the Foundation then it’s been more than worth it! I’ve spent a couple of days devising a timetable for the weekend on what I’m going to eat, when I’m going to sleep (or try) and a slick stretching routine to help prevent injury⠀

“I’m really excited about the challenge. A little nervous, but determined to complete it and already looking forward to my bed when I finish in the early hours of Monday morning!”⠀

Our story

The GWR Team, including Tom, will be helping to make sure that we can continue to offer life-changing support to young people who are blind or partially sighted, and also have other complex needs.

WESC Foundation relies on people like Tom to go without sleep, to fight on through the night and literally go the extra mile.

How you can help

It’s going to be a tough 48 hours for Tom, and probably a tough few days after he’s finished. Please send him your support by making a donation to the GWR Fundraiser (led by GWR colleague Amy Chapman).

Sponsor Tom (and the rest of the GWR Team)

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