Former WESC Foundation student stars in short film

21 September 2020

One of our former students (and current WESC Foundation volunteer) Ruairí, has collaborated on a short film as part of project called Waiting Times. The film will be shown at a series of screenings in Exeter later this week.

Poster for the screening of TimeBeing






Waiting Times is a collaborative project between the University of Exeter and Birkbeck, University of London. It aims to show what it means to wait for healthcare by examining lived experiences and representations of delayed and impeded time. In an era in which time is lived at increasingly different and complex speeds, Waiting Times looks to understand both the difficulties and significance of waiting for healthcare.

The project includes a short film called Time Being, made in collaboration with one of our former students, Ruairí Corr, who continues to volunteer for us on our West Hill campus. Ruairí was diagnosed at six with a degenerative genetic disorder, Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Symptoms of ALD include problems with speaking, listening and understanding verbal instructions. Ruairi lives a life that is structured around medical waiting. He is dependent on a wide range of care givers, and the support of his close family and their friends.  Within this structure, he lives a full and busy life.

The project with Ruairi stems from film artist Deborah’s interest in how people with sensory impairments might experience time in a situation where medical waiting and continual care are integral to living. People with ALD experience visual impairments and have difficulty with hearing and information processing.  These differences mean communication can be unusually slow, yet this slowness can create an atmosphere whereby people without ALD feel encouraged to adjust their tempos and communication to match the pace of life and thought of those with the disease.

As filming progressed, Ruairi began to shoot his own footage using a GoPro camera worn on his chest. Rather than being the passive object of a documentary, he participated as a collaborating filmmaker and was able to create his own record of his work and activities.

Time Being is being screened at Maketank in Exeter City Centre from the 24th-26th September 2020. To keep everyone safe only a handful of timed tickets are being released for each screening. Tickets are free but booking is strongly advised.

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