End of Term Arrangements December 2019

10 December 2019

Message to Parents and Carers of all Young People at WESC Foundation:

This is a reminder that the arrangements for the end of term will be as follows:

The last day will be Thursday 19th December with finishing times of 1.00pm for School students, and College students can leave from 1.00pm, although support is available until 4.00pm if needed.

The College will reopen on Tuesday 7th January, when residential students will be welcome to book in from 8.00am, and from 8.45am for day students.

The School will also reopen on Tuesday 7th January, when students should arrive from 11.00am at St David’s Reception.

Please note that transport for non-residential students should not arrive before the elected start time (8.45am for College and 11.00am for School) as WESC Foundation staff will not be available to support students until then. Drivers and escorts may be asked to wait until support is available, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Transport providers are aware of timings, but we know that many students have very individual start and finish times. Please let your transport provider, as well as the
relevant residential staff or tutor, know if you change your transport arrangements.

Please note, this does not apply to all year round residents in St David’s House (Maple, Mulberry or Ash Lodges) other than to ask you to inform staff of any dates
young people may be going home and returning to WESC Foundation over the break.

On Friday 20th December Reception will close at 3.00pm and will re-open at 10.00am on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

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