Christmas Day at St David’s House

15 December 2020

Christmas is going to be different for everyone this year, with Christmas parties off the cards and family gatherings kept small. But not everyone will be able to spend Christmas with their families. Doctors and nurses will be working hard to keep us all safe. And care home staff will be spending their Christmas day away from family and friends, taking care of the vulnerable people who rely on their support.

Our staff in St David’s House care home will be spending Christmas day as they always have, supporting our young people and giving them the most magical day possible. I talked to them about what it’s like to be away from their families at Christmas and how they make it special for our young people.

Young person being helped to drink a cup of tea by a member of staff

Christmas Day

By all accounts Christmas day in St David’s is like Christmas day in many people’s homes. Everyone gets a small lie in, although not too much as most of young people rely on routine to keep them calm. They are woken up by care staff who ring Christmas bells and dress up in festive costumes (one staff member even sprayed her hair green to be a Christmas tree!) Then it’s time to open presents and listen to some Christmas music. Dinner is made by the care staff who decorate the dinner table with fun Christmas decorations and everyone sits at the table together to enjoy it. Staff say it’s really important to make the day as special as possible:

“Christmas is about family and, for them, this is their family” (Lisa, Team Leader)

After Christmas dinner it’s time to play with their presents and watch a Christmas film. Everything is done at their pace so to make sure they all have a great day.


What’s Christmas like for our care staff?

For staff it can be difficult spending Christmas away from their families but they say that working at St David’s is like “spending Christmas with your other family.” People sometimes forget that St David’s is home to these young people and it’s so important that they are supported to celebrate Christmas in their own home in whatever way they choose. Our staff work so hard to make that happen, even if that means they don’t get to see their own family.

The St David's House team standing together outside


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