Adult Day Services at WESC Foundation – Cassie’s Story

8 June 2021

Adult Day Services at WESC Foundation support adults in their 20s and 30s who have varying levels of independence and might need support during the day.

This is one of the services available at WESC Foundation. WESC Foundation is a charity based in Exeter that supports young people and adults with vision impairments and specialist needs. Our services encourage them to live as independently as possible and develop necessary skills for their futures.

Our diverse Adult Day Services (ADS) offers stimulating activities and social contact with a peer group. We aim to give individuals a tailored experience to provide support and help them develop the skills to live as independently as possible, while reducing 1:1 home support.

Cassie’s Story

Cassie sat outside on a park bench with a bunch of sunflowers on her lap whilst on an Adult Day Services day trip
Cassie enjoying some fresh air and sunflowers

In 2015, Cassie started at WESC Foundation’s Adult Day Services, after attending both our school and college. Cassie has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and a Vision Impairment and sometimes finds adapting to change hard. When Cassie first came to ADS there were many big changes to get used to. These changes included new staff, a different peer group, and a more relaxed timetable. Cassie showed signs of anxiety when experiencing these new changes, and would become selectively mute to new people and members of staff. Used to her old college timetable, Cassie chose not to participate in most of the activities offered to her.

Cassie’s Experience at Adult Day Services

Staff worked really hard to understand the causes of Cassie’s anxieties, combat them, and build strong relationships with her. Over time, Cassie began to feel more confident and involve herself in activities. In Cassie’s first few months at ADS, she only felt comfortable eating food and drink she had brought from home. After encouragement and hard work, Cassie has now started to prepare and eat her lunch at WESC Foundation. Cassie now makes weekly meal plans and has adapted to using equipment at ADS. As Cassie has become more accustomed to ADS, she now happily joins in with a range of other activities on offer such as rhythm sticks (a musical session), craft sessions and horticulture.

Cassie’s progress has at times been slow, but it is always extremely rewarding seeing the young people and adults we support become more independent and confident. The Cassie attending ADS today has come on in leaps and bounds since she first started. She interacts with her peers, participates in group based activities, and engages with any visitors. Most of all, Cassie leaves ADS at the end of each day with a smile on her face.

Cassie using kitchen scales to weigh some food at Adult Day Services
Cassie preparing her lunch


WESC Foundation works hard to support young people and adults with specialist needs and vision impairments through all stages of life. The transition from college to adult life can often bring many new challenges and Adult Day Services provides opportunities and support to bridge this gap. WESC Foundation’s ADS have allowed Cassie the time, space and support to develop her independence and confidence through this transition.


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