What is a Cortical Visual Impairment Assessment?

10 March 2021

A Cortical Visual Impairment assessment (also known as Cerebral Visual Impairment, or CVI Assessment) can be carried out at WESC Foundation by experienced professionals.

We use the CVI Range as the basis for our Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) assessments.

The ‘CVI Range’ has been developed as an assessment and intervention framework based on the premise that functional vision in children with cortical visual impairment can be improved through systematic interventions, tailored specifically for the individual child.

The ‘CVI Range’ is an appropriate tool for assessing CVI in children who

  • have a medical history involving some kind of neurological developmental delay or damage
  • have atypical visual functioning, yet no evidence of ocular damage.

Who are Cortical Visual Impairment assessments for?

WESC Foundation  is able to offer ‘CVI Range’ assessments to families, local authorities or other agencies who want to gain a better understanding of a young person’s functional vision and have some positive suggestions and strategies for making the most effective use of that vision.

Who carries out these assessments at WESC Foundation?

Assessments are conducted by WESC Foundation staff who are experienced in the education and habilitation of young people with a visual impairment.

Our Cortical Visual Impairment Assessor Dawn Butt is the only UK professional listed in the Perkins-Roman CVI Range© Endorsees Directory.

What happens at a Cortical Visual Impairment assessment?

The assessment process involves:

  • Interviews with parents/carers – parents and carers are key to gaining a better understanding of a child’s functional vision.
  • Direct face to face assessment – a structured vision assessment is conducted to confirm some basic visual abilities
  • Informal observations – unstructured functional vision assessment in an appropriate multi-sensory environment.

How to find out more

If you would like more information (including costs) please email Richard Ellis, Head of VI Specialist Services, or call 01392 454288.

We would be glad to start a conversation with you without any obligation or commitment.



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