How to set up a JustGiving page in 3 easy steps

26 November 2019

A JustGiving page is a simple and easy way to raise money for a good cause. Here is how you can set up your own JustGiving page in three simple steps.

1.Create a JustGiving account

First things first you’ll need to head over to the JustGiving website. If you don’t already have a JustGiving account you can sign up using your email and a password.

Once you’re signed in its time set up your fundraising page!

Click ‘start fundraising’ on the homepage to begin.

JustGiving website homepage

2.Choose your event and charity

You will be asked if you’re raising money for a charity or your own cause. If you’re raising money for us (or another charity) then select ‘a charity’.

Screenshot of JustGiving website


You can then choose which charity you’d like to fundraise for. We’d love for you to support us but there are lots of other good causes you can choose from here too.

Next you need to decide what type of fundraising you’d like to do, you can choose from: taking part in an event, celebrating an occasion, remembering someone, or doing your own thing. If you’re participating in an event for us then you’ll need to select ‘taking part in an event’.

Screenshot of JustGiving website

If you have selected WESC Foundation as your charity then our events will come up automatically. Simply select the event you’d like to fundraise for.

Find your event

3.Choose your page settings

There’s a just a few more questions to finish before your fundraising page is ready to go. We think it’s best to stick with the default settings here but if you’re fundraising in memory of someone you can select that. And if you are taking part in one of our events (such as our charity skydive) then you need to select ‘yes’ to the question ‘is your charity contributing to the cost of your fundraising?’

Screenshot of JustGiving website

You can also decide here if you’d like to be kept informed about the impact of your fundraising. Click ‘yes’ to opt in to our mailing list.

Finally, click ‘create your page’ at the bottom.

Screenshot of JustGiving website


We’ve shown you how you can set up your own JustGiving page in three easy steps. You can encourage people to donate by sharing the link to your fundraising page through the social share buttons on your page and keep up to date with how much money you’ve raised.

Click here to set up your own JustGiving page.


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