About us

Access technologyOur aim, vision and mission


To help visually impaired people learn how to take their place in society.


To create a better life for people with visual impairment by providing a specialist centre for education, training and expertise.


To transform the lives of those affected by visual impairment through sharing knowledge, expertise and technologies in effective partnerships.

Our ethos as a specialist centre for visual impairment is focused on three fundamental factors:

Our family-centred approach

through which we work closely with parents and carers in our Parents as Partners group, learner-centred meetings and other consultative forums which allow us to involve and inform parents of their child’s progress, development and transition

Our multi-disciplinary approach

in which teachers, therapists, mobility specialists and the health care team deliver comprehensive services in consultation with other specialists such as ophthalmologists and child psychologists

Our focus on neuro-science

through which the latest research and development concerning the relationship between the brain and sight informs our specialist practice across all professional disciplines. It is this, in particular, which gives us our unique status as a specialist centre for visual impairment.

What we offer

Our school and college offer the following range of placements to suit the individual need:

  • full-time day or residential placements for 38 weeks of the academic year
  • all-year-round residential placements (52 week provision)
  • part-time day or residential placements
  • outreach services – offering support in mainstream and specialist schools, colleges and universities
  • short respite breaks in our residential houses for young people and adults.

Our well planned and adapted campus provides a safe, happy and social place for young people and adults.